Dream Morning (Rocky Mountain National Park)

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

Temperatures are in the teens and there is fresh layer of snow covering the mile and a half climb to Dream Lake. The smell of winter and wind chills dipping into the single digits convinces me to throw that extra pair of mittens into my bag – you never know if I’ll need them when not operating the camera.

I’m leaving from the trailhead at Bear Lake two hours before sunrise because I want to be sure that I don’t miss first light kissing the peaks of the Rockies. There are three other cars in the parking lot that holds 150 so cars generally. I presume the others are up in the mountains some place camping – I’m envious in a way and feel that my four hours of sleep in a warm hotel room are cheating somehow. Still I value that warm bed and most importantly value those precious…

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Govind Sagar Lake, Himachal Pardesh


Gobind Sagar is a man-made reservoir situated in Bilaspur District, Himachal Pradesh. The reservoir on the river Sutlej, was formed after the hydel dam at Bhakra was constructed and has been named in honour of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru. One of the world’s highest gravity dams, the Bhakra dam rises nearly 225.5 m above its lowest foundations. Under the supervision of the American dam-builder, Harvey Slocum, work began in the year of 1955 and was completed in 1962. To maintain the level of water, the flow of river Beas was channelized to Gobind Sagar by the Beas-Sutlej link which was accomplished in 1976.

Photography is passion


Are you truly passionate about photography? Great. But I need to have a quiet word with you about that, because here’s the thing – no one cares. Truly, no one cares that you have a passion for photography. Probably not even your mom by now.

Ever seen a guitarist shred like crazy? A glass-blower carefully creating delicate art pieces? Or a dancer performing gravity-defying moves? Yes? Well, do you think they have passion? Sure they do. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing, at the level they are doing it at. But do they insist on telling you, or do they just live it and act it and be it and show you? Exactly my point.

The Market and The Town Hall of Bruges, Belgium

The market

life to reset


From Paris Gare du Nord to Brussels Zuid (Brussels Midi) via Thalys train, then switched to a local train at Brussels for a 50-minutes additional journey, finally, the Flanders town of Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) welcome me with thunderstorms and non-stop rain showers.

Quietly admiring the town inside the bus that travels from Bruges train station to the Market Square where I will be searching for my hostel on foot, despite the heavy downpour I can see a lot of people still enjoying their walk, which in a way made me hopeful that I can still enjoy the Bruges that I have always dream of despite the weather.

Bruges is a charming, fairy tale like town, where the best way to unravel its beauty is to discover every corner on foot.
burg square-markt

Encircled by canal links and layers after layers of medieval walls and towering churches, the streets are cobbled, the…

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Frozen Dream Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Frozen Dream Lake

The (Semi-Regular) Roaming Lama

I hiked up to Dream Lake for sunrise to take in one of my favorite spots in all of Rocky Mountain National Park. Dream Lake is one of those spots that looks good in any type of light but my favorite time of day is sunrise because you usually have it all to yourself as you work the scene looking for interesting angles. However, as I took this shot and worked my way up the left bank several other photographers showed up a bit tardy to the party. By the time they got their gear all setup they had missed a lot of interesting light and color on the mountains in the distance.

Frozen Dream Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Frozen Dream Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park)

We are over in Paris for the week so my posting will be more sporadic than usual. So far the weather hasn’t been too cooperative for outdoor photos but we…

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